Christmas Cactus

I have a christmas cactus (that is blooming in March) that needs to be re-potted. How do I divide and get starts from the mother plant?

Submitted by cadkins26

It's best to divide or take cuttings from a Christmas cactus when it's not in bloom, so it may be best to wait until it finishes this bloom cycle. Usually Christmas cactus is propagated from cuttings. Take several stem pieces from the mother plant. Let them air dry for a day or two to form callus on the wound surface, then stick them into a rooting medium such as well-drained potting soil. Keep the cuttings slightly moist until rooted.

If the mother plant has multiple shoots arising from the soil, you could also divide it. In that instance, simply slice through the root ball with a sharp knife or spade to divide the plant and repot each section.

Answered by DSchrock