What ground cover grows best on a sandy slope in full sun?

I have a 5-ft slope x 75-ft long at the back of my property. It is very sandy soil laden w/ small iron ore rock, so the moisture content is low. The slope gets 8+ hours of full sun. Top soil erodes quickly during rain events and the expense of a retaining wall isn't an option right now. Is there any drought-tolerant, fast growing ground cover or perennial that would work for me? (I couldn't get juniper to grow last summer.) We live in zone 7b/8a.

Submitted by malibumom283

Last summer was a challenge to get anything established in your area with the heat and dry conditions. Any planting will need regular watering for the first growing season.

You can use the advanced search option in our plant encyclopedia to find groundcovers for full sun that tolerate drought and are hardy for your Zone. Keep in mind that if the groundcover is extremely fast growing, it could become invasive. Those with a moderatly fast growth rate are usually a better choice in the long run.

Answered by DSchrock