My Garden won't grow!

My Garden won't grow!My Garden won't grow!I live in northern Utah and I have been planting a garden at a new house for the last 3 years, my pumpkins do amazing, but nothing else does, my green peppers stay small, my cherry tomatoes do ok but my large tomatoes and other vegtables do nothing my plants are like sticks, they don't grow, if I am lucky enough to get a tomatoe the plant is a little stick with one small one on it. Help I have added soil pep and top soil what am I doing wrong.

Submitted by huntk54



Without a specific question, I can't really give you much of an answer. I would suggest you check out our regional gardening section for information:


If you have specific questions, write back and let us know. We should be able to help more!


---Justin, Better Homes and Gardens


Answered by CostaFarms