Should I water dry beds even though it is very early for such warm weather? Should I remove mulch?

very warm weather is VERY early for our area and cold and snow are still possible. should we water our exposed beds, rhubarb, roses, peonies or will this encourage them to break dormancy? how about those plants that are sending up shoots? it is dry. also, should i remove mulch or leave it?

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Hi, Well adding moisture won't encourage these plants to develop as much as warm temperatures will, but if your ground is dry and cracked, you might consider watering. In my case, it's been very warm and relatively dry here in Iowa, but I left things alone and now we've suddenly had about two inches of rain. If it were me, I'd leave things alone for another few weeks. I've only removed mulch that i know was smothering my bulbs. Otherwise, I've left things alone.

Answered by doug.jimerson