Can I grow hardy banana?

I just stumbled across a banana (Musa basjoo) in a plant catalog that is hardy to zone 4! I live in zone 5, so I’d love to try it out. But, I don’t want it to grow to the 12-18 foot height that it says in the catalog... I know I could grow it in a pot, but is there ANY way I could keep it to a height of ~3-5 feet—or even shorter??—if planted in the GROUND??? (When it comes to tropicals, I’m leery of cutting back/pruning the way you would a perennial or shrub—I simply don’t know how to do it…???)

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Thanks for writing. In my experience, saying it's hardy in Zone 4 is a bit of an exaggeration; I've not had much luck with it in Zone 5 Iowa. 


If you plant it in a protected spot and mulch it heavily in Zone 5, you may be able to get it to overwinter. I highly doubt it would reach its full height with your shorter season, however --- so it may only get in the 5-6 foot range. So that may work out just fine for you!



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Answered by CostaFarms