how to grow Annual Phlox Drummondii from seed

Hi I have been trying for years to grow (Phlox drummondii) from seed (as i dont find these plants at nurserys or garden centers) and I havent been successful. I tried indoors and outdoors... nothing.. indoors they sprout a bit but when i move em outdoors they die... outdoors nothing grew.... I live in area code 19422, PA zone 6... when is the best time to plant them. i really love em please advise on how i can grow em. Thanks Roopa

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Thanks for writing. Annual phlox doesn't have any special requirements --- you should be able to treat it like any other seed. Don't slow it too deeply --- don't put more than a quarter of an inch of seed-starting mix on the small seeds. Give it plenty of light and warmth.


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Answered by CostaFarms