Tilling heavy clay soil...

I’d like to use a tiller (like a Mantis) to till up an area for a new garden--but my soil is heavy clay. Does this present a problem when roto-tilling? Like, will the clay be too “gucky”/goopy for the tiller to really work through it?? Will big clods & clumps of the clay stick to the tiller & “clog” it up?? I'm assuming the wetter the soil, the worse it'd be.

Submitted by shan_kat7

If the soil is so wet that it gums up or forms a ball when you're working it, it's too wet to work. Tilling when the soil is that wet will destroy the soil structure. In areas where the soil never truly dries out, try incorporating dry peat moss or compost with the tiller. The dry material will help "soak up" some of the extra moisture and prevent clogging.

Answered by DSchrock