Why do I have poor bell pepper production?

Justin: I read the bell pepper article. Do genetic red peppers stop the plant from producing more peppers versus green peppers left on the plant until red? 2011, I had poor pepper production - even those in new planting holes; 2010, I was buried in peppers. Any idea why or suggestions? Zone 6b - Knoxville TN, w/planting soil amended w/homegrown compost + 10-10-10 every 4 weeks.

Submitted by hikerpat08

Harvesting either ripe (red) or green pepper fruits will stimulate the plant to bloom again and produce more fruits. Depending on weather conditions, they may also ripen to full red (or other color if that is their genetics). Pepper production is highly temperature dependent. If temperatures are too cool, fruits will not set. If too hot (above 85 degrees F), the fruits may abort. Some varieties are less sensitive to temperature variations than others, but the differences that you observed in pepper production in your garden were mostly likely due to differences in weather conditions from one year to the other.

Answered by DSchrock