My hydrangeas don't bloom!

Hydrangea- I have many different varieties of hydrangea. Most of them have been in my gardens for years. I used to get amazing blooms on all of them. Now I rarely get blooms. Help! I have been hunting for advise for years and every book or person has a different way to prune them. This year I didn't prune them at all and I'm waiting to see what happens. The latest advise that I read is that they only bloom on 2 year old wood. Please help!

Submitted by cvliet1

Hi, Well there is no simple answer because there are many different types of hydrangeas and some bloom only on old wood from the previous season, while others are everbearing in nature and bloom on old and new wood. Now, the main reason hydrangeas don't bloom is that they are not getting enough sunlight. Perhaps nearby trees have grown over or near your shrubs which is causing them to cut back on flowering. Also, if you have a cold winter, that can hurt the flower buds for the following spring. The general rule on pruning is to do it right after the flowers fade, but in my opinion, you don't need to prune at all except to remove dead wood or to shape a plant that's gotten unruly. I can't be of too much more help without knowing more about your plants, particularly their specific varieities and more information on their planting site.

Answered by doug.jimerson