When to plant bulbs

Hi, I am in zone 7. I have many bulbs such as Dutch Iris, Convallaria, Tulips, Allium, Dahlia's, Lily Star Gazers, Holly Hock and Gladiolus. Is it too late to start the Dutch Iris? When should I start planting the other types of bulbs?... is it best to start inside or outside? Any advice on bulbs would be greatly appreciated

Submitted by shirlo20

Hi, Well you have an odd mix of both spring flowering and summer flowering bulbs. The spring-flowering bulbs such as tulip, allium, and Dutch iris should have been planted in your garden last fall. They won't bloom or grow if you plant them now. I would not bother. The Convallaria is also best planted in the fall, but you may have luck if you get them in the ground soon. Lilies like Star Gazer are also best if planted in the late summer and fall, but they will generally grow fine if planted in the spring. Get them in the ground now. Dahlia and gladiolus are tender summer bulbs so you can plant them in your garden after all frost danger has passed. If it's safe to put out tomatoes, it's safe to plant them. And finally, hollyhocks are not bulbs so I'm not sure what plant  you have. They are started from seed so perhaps you have some other type of plant that's been marked hollyhock. I'm actually very surprised you have this mixed assortment of bulbs because they are generally never sold at the same time since they are planted at the opposite ends of the calendar.

Answered by doug.jimerson