bur clover

How do I get rid of bur clover in my lawn. It is taking over. I used roundup last year and the bur clover is back this year.

Submitted by fox1230605

Several different species of weeds are commonly called bur clover or burclover. All are within the genus Medicago, and usually are annuals. That means that they sprout from seed each year. Roundup only kills the actively growing plants, and has no effect on seeds that would germinate later. You may need to take a combined approach to control the weed. A pre-emergence herbicide that kills germinating seedlings will stop new plants from forming. Existing plants can be knocked back by a broadleaf herbicide containing a combination of 2,4-D and MCPP, often labelled as dandelion, clover, and chickweed killer.

Presence of burclover might also be an indication that your lawn has low levels of nitrogen, so fertilizing with a lawn fertilizer high in nitrogen could help.


Answered by DSchrock