Can I Compost Conifer Material??

I'm about to start composting for the first time, but I realized I was short on "greens". Then it occured to me to cut a few small branches from a few conifers on my property and use those... But should conifer plant material be composted? I was thinking maybe it shouldn't be, due to the acidity...?? Or is it just PINE needles that are acidic?? Either way, can/should I compost conifer scraps? (Are both pine & other kinds okay?)

Submitted by shan_kat7

Any plant material can be composted. Some types take longer to decay than others. The waxy coating on pine needles (and many other conifers and broadleaf evergreens) causes these plant products to take longer to decompose. Chopping them up or shredding them helps because it opens more surface area to decomposing organisms. The acidity really is not a factor.


Answered by DSchrock