How can I control the width of a clump of (clumping) bamboo?

I’m planning a garden & I’d love to have a clumping bamboo in it. I don’t have room for a LARGE clump (I know clumping bamboo won’t spread, but it seems the clumps can get quite wide). Is there any way I could control the size of the clump?--more specifically, manipulate it into growing MORE SIDEWAYS and LESS FORWARD/out away from the house?

Submitted by shan_kat7

Because clumping bamboo spreads very slowly by adding new growth at the edge of the clump, you can keep it in check by digging out the new growth that appears on the forward edge of the clump. You could also plant it in a container in the ground or place a barrier, such as a sheet of metal partially buried at least a foot into the ground, to force growth to the sides.

Answered by DSchrock