How should I take care of an orchid?

How do I take care of an orchid? I know they are air plants... Some of the roots on mine are hollow. I also know they need little water and like humidity, so I've placed it in the bathroom close to a frosted window.

Submitted by emstgo

There are literally thousands of types of orchids. Some of them are naturally epiphytes, that is, they live on branches of trees and derive most of their moisture and nutrients from rain water and air. Others are terrestrial, naturally living in soil. It sounds as though you have one of the epiphytic types. 

Light needs of orchids can also vary greatly, but most adapt pretty well to bright filtered light.

Without knowing specifically which species of orchid that you have, it sounds as though you have selected a pretty good site for yours.

Answered by DSchrock
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Purchased an orchid plant that is in its second bloom. Watering it once a week and sits on the window seat over my kitchen sink. It is in a small pot ..4-1/4" diameter and 5-1/2" deep with long green leaves (on the thick side). In its original pot made of metal. My question is should we transplant our orchid to a bigger pot to give its roots more room. If so what type of soil should we use? Thanks. Noemi - St. Louis, MO
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