Achimenes as Houseplants

I have pots of achimenes which I winter in the basement, as they can't take Ohio winters. Can I lift some of the catkins, and plant them in an airy mix (like my African Violets use) and grow them as houseplants to get some early color this year? I always just let them grow outside; indoors, should I prune them? Will starting them early kill them (like forcing bulbs)?

Submitted by bhartings2

I overwinter my achimenes in a cool location in the basement every year. After they die down, I cut back all of the top growth to the soil line.  I keep them dormant until late winter, then start watering regularly and move them to a warm, sunny spot to start them growing again. If you prefer, you can keep them going as a houseplant, treating them simarly to African violets for temperature and light needs.

Answered by DSchrock