I am trying to find out the name of a very unique tree which was used in English gardens for children to play with on and in.

I am trying to locate the name of a tree which was featured on Victory Garden several years ago. This tree is unique because the branches will eventually grow down to the ground, reroot and shoot up a new tree causing a grove effect which may span up to 50 feet in diameter while still in fact being only on tree. The leaves are smaller and delicate and make somewhat of a whispering sound when the wind blows and they were used alot in English gardens because children would play within them.

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I haven't seen the episode of Victory Garden that you reference, so I can't be certain what tree was featured. I'm guessing that it might be a beech tree. These large trees have draping branches that reach the soil. They're also used very commonly in England as pruned hedge rows.


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I think this might be a banyan tree. They almost look like a little forest because of all the roots that have dripped to the ground then grew up as a new tree while joining in the umbrella of foliage. They take a very long time to grow and require hot climates with high humidity like Florida.
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