Growing Crown Flower Plant

Where can i buy Crown flower plant in maryland? This plant attracts more butterflies the garden... and also lots of medicinal values to this plant.. Please advise where to buy? Help would be appreciated more!

Submitted by priyaorchid

Hi, Crown Flower plant is a large shrubby tropical plant that will not survive in Maryland except in the summer. It is grown primarily in Hawaii, but I suppose you could try it in a large pot and take it in during the winter, although I've never seen anyone try. I found some for sale at a website.

Hope that helps

Answered by doug.jimerson
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Thank you for your reply! I am searching this plant especially for eczema cure. Ayurveda tells Crown flower plant juice or arka juice ( in sanskrit)( 16 part) should get mixed with sesame oil ( 8 part) and turmeric ( One part). External application of this cures the itchy inflammed patches on the skin are getting cured. If you know any websites which sells this juice of this plant is also okay to me.
Submitted by priyaorchid