What non-veg plants should I plant around my front yard vegetable garden for curb appeal?

I want to put a vegetable garden in the area right in front of my porch since it gets the best light. The beds are roughly 13ft x 5ft but due to the side walk, one bed slopes 8 ft in. I plan on doing 2 ft X 8 ft raised beds for the vegetables and then do non-veg plants around the boxes to conceal them and give it color in non-growing seasons. What plants would you suggest for outside the box? I live in zone 7 and would like a mix of evergreens and flowers. Thanks!

Submitted by mirandareece

You can use the advanced search option in our plant encyclopedia to get ideas of annuals, perennials, and evergreens that would grow well in Zone 7 in full sun to part shade. You can also select plants by color of bloom using this tool.

Answered by DSchrock