Landscaping with a sloping front yard towards the house.

We live in Southern Texas, Zone 8 and in a housing area where the driveway front yard goes down to the house. How can we landscape to make the yard look like less steep from the street. We have planting that we keep around 4 feet in front of the house. Only about a foot of foundation shows above ground. We have thought about walls to give us level areas and to break up the downward look, but don't know how to do it. Thank you.

Submitted by ccse39

Terracing a sloping yard by putting in walls is a good way to create attractive planting areas. If you have little experience in landscape construction, however, this is a job that may be best left to professionals because building stable walls takes some expertise and skill. We have some articles on our website that can give you some ideas. Here's one on Hillside Landscaping Ideas. Here's one on Building a Retaining Wall. And here's one on Taming a Slope.

Answered by DSchrock