Established crabgrass elimination

We have crabgrass in about 1/3 of our yard. would it be better to strip the sod and re-sod where the crabgrass is? We aren't having much luck with pre-emergence products. This crabgrass is pretty well established. I guess I could spray it with an overall vegetation killer and then re-sod. HELP! Thanks, John

Submitted by strohjr

Hi, Well crabgrass can be a pain to deal with, but I've never heard of it getting established if a pre-emergent is being used correctly and at the right time of year. First, I'd be sure you have crabgrass before I did anything. I'm wondering if you might have another species of lawn weed if your pre-emergent isn't working. If you are sure you have crabgrass then check out the label on a good quality pre-emergent and get it applied at the right time. Once crabgrass is up and growing it won't kill it. This plant is actually an annual that reseeds each year so you must kill it before it germinates. Talk with your local garden center to get the correct product. Most Scott's products will do the job with little problems. I would not bother stripping your yard bare and starting over because if you've let crabgrass set seed last year, you'll still have the seeds in the soil so you will have a reinfestation without chemical control. In fact, stirring up the soil like that might actually make things worse by moving crabgrass seeds around  your yard. Keep in mind that not all lawn chemicals are designed for crabgrass. Buy the right product, apply in the right amounts and the right times and you should be in better shape than last year. Just remember that it might take a couple of seasons if you've allowed crabgrass to run riot in your yard the past few years.

Answered by doug.jimerson