Super soft soil! Should we be worried?

We just moved into a home that's on a medium sized lot that is like a woodland vision. The trees are tall, mature evergreens & we live in the Pacific NW. One area of our back yard, the ground is VERY soft. When you walk on it, you feel like you're going to sink in! The old owners warned of "very sandy" soil. This is our 1st house. Any suggestions on how to "firm" up the soil? Should we be concerned?

Submitted by kelliemail2

Have you dug the soil in the soft area to examine it? It may be sandy as you suggest, but if it is "soft" i suspect that it may also be due to seepage or a wet zone there. Sandy soil isn't necessarily bad. In fact, the excellent drainage that it provides is good for most plants. The key to growing plants in sandy soild is to provide adequate moisture and enough fertility. The best way to improve sandy soils is to add organic matter, such as compost.

Answered by DSchrock