Can we bring potted salvia plants indoors for winter with little maintenance?

We are not gardeners at all, hence my question: My hubby brought home 2 salvia plants awhile ago but we have not had time to plant them. Now the weather is too cold to plant them in the ground. They are fairly large-- how do we handle them indoors till spring? -Deb T.

Submitted by rlt121095

Hi, Well it would help to know what kind of salvia plants you have since there are perennial and annual forms. The best I could offer is that you could try to keep them going by potting them up and putting them in a sunny windowsill (south facing if possible) until spring. These are not indoor plants, but  you might be successful in keeping them alive till spring. However, if these are annual forms of salvia I would not bother with them and toss them. I hope there is a plant tag with your plants that tells you what variety and species you  have so you know whether they are annual or perennial.

Answered by doug.jimerson