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Why does BHG consistently present landscaping with invasive species? You mention micanthus and fountain grass for winter landscaping: You must know that these grasses are big problems, especially on the West Coast. It would be helpful if you took a stronger position against invasives in the garden, especially since so many of these problem plants were introduced to gardens, from which they then escaped.

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Thanks for writing. Invasives create a bit of a tough gardening situation for us because we have a national audience. Invasive potential is a regional issue --- and a topic that changes. For example, plant X may be fine in one state, considered an invasive pest in another, and two years from now, may be considered invasive in a third. Even some North American native species have the potential to become problematic outside of the region they're from.


We do try to note species that have invasive potential as we create new content on the site, but it's an impossible task with a site this large to delete reference to every plant that can be invasive potential in some region.



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