can onions that did not mature this season be replanted next spring, very dry summer and they all but died off as fall approached they revived and started growing as we approach winter in this area can they be saved for next season sure hate to loose them now Thanks Jim Fassanella

Submitted by Jfassanella

If the onions are actively growing now, they may not hold in storage over winter. If you can hold them at temperatures close to but above freezing, they're more likely to hold through the winter. In essence, you're recreating the steps used to make onion sets. Commercial growers plant onion seed very thickly so they compete with one another, creating stress resulting in small bulb size. They dry down the sets and hold them in cold storage over winter. The following spring the sets are planted out at normal spacing to grow full-sized onions. Onions from sets will flower and go to seed, but they still produce full-size, edible bulbs.

Answered by DSchrock