gloxema plants

i have a gloxemia plant given to me. what soil combination is best for the plant. i have had them before and always kill them. Also do they prefer sunny rooms or not

Submitted by gakatucker

Hi. Gloxinia plants do well in any potting soil that's formulated for African violets. You can buy soil like this at most garden centers, but if you can't find that, any good quality houseplant potting soil will do in a pinch. These plants like bright, indirect light, basically the same conditions as African violets. They like cool night temperatures (around 60 degrees) and about 70 degrees during the day. They also don't like temperatures above 80 degrees. Water every day or two to keep the soil slightly moist, but not wet. Don't let them dry out while they are in bloom. However, most gloxinias require a period of rest after they have been blooming for several months. To do this, after it's been blooming for three months or so, let the plant go dry and it will slowly go dormant on its own. Generally, this drying/dormancy period should last about 6 weeks. Then, replant in fresh potting soil, water, and it should come back into bloom again. Good luck

Answered by doug.jimerson