Why are my daffodil bulbs coming out of the ground.

I moved into my house 3 years ago. The previous owners planted daffodils in the front garden. I just noticed that some of the bulbs are coming to the surface. Some of them are sticking up about an inch out of the ground. It is fall now. Should I dig them out and replant them deeper?

Submitted by cajel2

Just leave the bulbs alone. They naturally settle in to the correct depth within a couple of years of planting. It's not unusual for established bulbs to begin growth in the fall. (Grape hyacinths usually begin to grow in the fall.) They typically don't grow more than an inch or so of fall foliage. Because the flower buds are still well below ground, they seldom are damaged by winter temperatures. if necessary, you can apply mulch to the sprouting bulbs after the ground freezes to give them a little more protection.

Answered by DSchrock