Why are Animals in my flowers?

We Live in Lancaster, Ky. We have mole problems! Now we have noticed we also have a bunny that apparently enjoys my impatiens!! We also have a chipmunk living among my impatiens. Help! I don't want to use harmful chemicals or kill the animals. My kids would be devastated. We just them out of our flowers. Thank you.

Submitted by Prewitt10311

Moles feed on earthworms. They are present because they are looking for earthworms (and other soil insects) to feed on. If you don't want to kill them, you can repel them with castor bean oil products available from garden centers and nurseries.

For rabbits and chipmunks several types of spray based repellents can be effective. Liquid Fence and Messina Wildlife Stopper are two brands that work pretty well.

Answered by DSchrock