My big backyard needs good landscape design. I have basketball court about 30*30. The rest of backyard is about 1000 sqft needs to put in good use for vegetable garden and flower garden.

Hello, I have question about my big backyard. I have bball court one side and rest is open. I would like to create sitting area and big vegetable garden. Also plants some perennials behind the bball court (30X30) I am so having sitting area near basketball court where kids can just hang out. My yard is so big - that I don't know how create a good landscape design that will work for big backyard.

Submitted by mywild3boyz

Hi, Sounds you have a few big landscaping challenges in front of you. However, we do not offer landscaping advice through email simply because it's impossible to get too specific about what to do without seeing the site in person. We do have over 200 garden plans you can view right here on, but otherwise, I suggest you speak with a local landscape design person. This Garden Doctor service is designed to help folks with specific plant problems (bugs, weeds, etc). Again, check out our garden plans for some ideas. Plus, on the site you'll find plenty of great slide shows that highlight great landscapes and gardens from around the country. Good luck

Answered by doug.jimerson