I'm a city-girl who married a country boy. He was born and raised on home-grown veggies, and I frankly don't have a clue what I'm doing! Can someone help me lay out next-year's vegetable garden so I don't make the same mistake that I did this year?

I've never had a vegetable garden before, so this year my husband built me a 24'x2' raised bed. I planted SEVERAL zucchini & yellow squash plants, 2 rows of carrots, string beans, and 2 tomato plants. Now I am swimming in squash, my beans are OVER-CROWDED, my tomatoes are still green and my carrots are the size of match-sticks. Can someone help me? Thanks! Signed, clueless in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

Submitted by werylands

We're not staffed to be able to design individual garden plans, but you might find several stories and plans on our website quite helpful. Here's a link to a story on starting your first vegetable garden. You could also get ideas by viewing the vegetable garden plans on our website. And you can discover more about individual vegetable types and varieties, by reviewing the entries for vegetables in our plant encyclopedia.

Answered by DSchrock