Why are my Chery Tree leaves spotting and falling off?

My Carmine Cherry trees leaves are getting spots, then they turn yellow and fall off. This is their second year. This summer has been very wet, very humid. Sometimes very hot and sometimes somewhat cool. I'm in northeastern SD. Sisseton What is wrong and what can I do about this. Sincerely, Margaret Pirmantgen

Submitted by bucky172597

Hi, Well without seeing the tree in person I can't be sure what's going on, but my guess is that your tree could be suffering from Cherry Leaf Spot. Also called yellow leaf spot, it's caused by a fungus that spreads quickly during wet weather. This particular fungus can also weaken the tree making it more likely to die over winter. To combat, you need to remove and destroy all leaf debris around the trees. In the spring, use a commercial orchard spray/fungicide (available at garden centers) when the petals fall from the tree, repeating two or three more times every 10 to 14 days. To be sure you have this particular fungus, you might want to take a few samples to your local extension service or garden center for an up close appraisal.

Answered by doug.jimerson