White bugs and sticky residue on my indoor plants

Some of my indoor plants develop white bugs and the leaves get sticky when I bring them inside from the deck before the temperature drops. What should I do to get rid of the bugs and the sticky leaves?

Submitted by Honda2343

Hi, Well it would be helpful if you could describe the white bugs you are seeing. Because your leaves are sticky, my first thought is that they have aphids on them since aphids leave a sticky mess on the leaves called honeydew. For aphids you'll simply need to buy an Insecticidal Soap at your local garden center and spray the plants before bringing them into the house. Aphids look like small white and/or blackish bumps, usually located on the surface of young foliage. Now, if your white bugs have wings and fly when you move the plants, you probably have White Fly. These are more difficult to eradicate, but a general purpose houseplant insecticide should help. Always be sure to spray the upper and lower surfaces of the leaves and follow label directions.

Answered by doug.jimerson