Can I safely move day lillies during bloom time; while I can still see color and variety?

I have numerous varieties of lillies from stella d'oro,many hybrids, day lillies (not sure of the names of all of them) the heights range from 24" to 4' or more.. Can I start separating and moving these red & orange lillies to same zone, another garden now, while I can still see the color and variety? Thank you

Submitted by dmzzvette

Hi, It's best to leave your daylilies in place till late August through the end of September. They do better when divided during the cooler fall weather. Mark them now so you know what color each plant is.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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If you need to move your dls you can move them at any time. Make sure to give them plenty of water after the move. You can cut them back also. They will be happy next year in their new home. MaryAnn AHS Region 8 President
Submitted by mborcherding