Why are the leaves on my Nellie Stevens Holly lime green?

In April I planted 8 Nellie Stevens holly. All are growing well. However, 1 has leaves that are a much lighter shade of green than the others. Seven have the typical dark green leaves. This one is almost lime green throughout. No leaf spotting or other damage. Just a uniform light green shade. What would cause this? The leaves of all 8 plants were dark green when I bought them -- all in 3 gallon containers.

Submitted by Lisafuller100

Leaf yellowing on holly can be caused by several factors. There are some leaf spot fungi that can attack the plants and cause leaf yellowing. Usually you'll see some brown or black spots on the leaves as well if this is the case, however, not necessarily so. Because just one of the plants is affected, it's more likely that some localized environmental stress is involved. Perhaps the roots on this particular plant have not grown out of the root ball, and thus, the plant is suffering moisture stress, or at least suffered moisture stress at some point. Overwatering could also cause leaf yellowing. Could the soil possibly be wetter in this area than in the root zone of the other hollies? Yet another possibility is that there is some damage to the main stem or crown of the plant. Check the root zone and/or the main stem of the plant near the soil line for any damage.

Answered by DSchrock