Help the birds!

Hi experts, We recently built an addition to our home. It has a bank of windows on the east side of the house. Since we live in a wooded area, we have lots of birds. Our problem: 2 - 3 times weekly, birds fly into our closed windows and knock themselves out (even hummingbirds!). Fortunately, there has only been 1 fatality. We don't want to spoil the view by putting stickers or such on the windows, but how can we save the birds???? Thanks, Marilyn U.

Submitted by marilynunsell

Birds may fly into windows for one of two reasons: 1. During nesting season, when they see their reflection in the window, they think that another bird has invaded their territory and they try to chase it away. 2. At other times, they may simply fly into the window accidently because they don't see it as a barrier; it looks like a continuation of the surrounding landscape and sky.

It sounds as though you're aware of stickers that can be placed in windows to discourage the birds. You could also hang scare devices such as inflatable owls outside the window where they won't be so visible from indoors, but will still have the effect of frightening the birds away from the window.

Answered by DSchrock