weeds growing under my pebbles

i recently got rid of our pool & had top soil brought in. i did not want any grass so had decorative pebbles on top of soil. we decided not to put fabric under the pebbles. now, i have grass growing up through the pebbles. i eventually want a full perrenial garden. i just used a spray to kill the grass. is there anything else i can do at this point? needless to say, i am very upset.

Submitted by rbroberta

Hi, Well sadly, the best thing to have done would have been to put a layer of landscape fabric under the pebbles before you spread them. Otherwise, as you already found out, weeds will quickly push their way through the gravel. At this point, all I can suggest is that you spray with Round-up herbicide (they have a version that supposedly lasts for several months). If you can't remove the pebbles and put down a layer of fabric, I suggest that next spring you sprinkle Preen herbicide down. It's a pre-emergent herbicide that you can sprinkle over the stones and it will prevent weed seeds from sprouting. But, at this point, since you have weeds already growing, I'd use the Round-up.

Answered by doug.jimerson