Have a very rocky yard; how deep do I dig to start a new garden from scratch?

Currently, I have no garden/landscaping on my property, so I'm starting from scratch. But my house is built on a VERY ROCKY hill, and the soil is quite shallow. In some spots, I hit rock only ~6" down; in others, ~18". What soil depth is needed to accomodate plants' roots in a garden? And, what's the easiest/cheapest method of rock removal? (I have a broken back, so I can't do it by myself...) Thanks!

Submitted by shan_kat7

Some plants can grow in as little as 6 inches of soil, but generally, the deeper the soil the better. With a shallow soil depth, the plants will need more frequent watering and more attention to fertilization. You could build raised beds over the rocky soil and fill them with topsoil to build up the soil depth without having to remove the rocks.

Answered by DSchrock
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