what is eating my squash

My yellow squash plants are doing great this year. I have 2 small squash about 2 inches long and I go out today and something has eaten half of each one!! Yikes! What could it be and how do I get rid of it?

Submitted by chrisgattas

Hi, Well from the description you give, I would guess that your squash were attacked by a rabbit, chipmunk or squirrel. It it was insect related it would not be an overnight event and you'd see the insects on the squash that's left on the plant. I would suggest you cover  your plants with a grow-cloth tucked into the soil to prevent insects or rodents from munching on them. You can buy grow cloth at most garden centers. Garden netting, like that sold to protect strawberries from birds, might also work. Just be sure to cover the plants so the remaining squash are not easily accessible to predators.

Answered by doug.jimerson