Daffodils and Hydrangea

2 questions - 1. Can daffodil bulbs planted in a pot be made to come up the next year? If so, how? 2. I want plant a hydrangea in a pot. I want it to stay blue. What do I need to add to the soil for it to be acidic? Carol Cooper Winston-Salem, NC

Submitted by cjcooper79

1. Keep the daffodils growing until the foliage dies down naturally, then plant into the garden this fall. Forcing them in the pot takes a lot of energy out of the bulbs, and they normally won't bloom well again in the container. It's best to start with new bulbs for forcing each year. The ones that grew in the pot may recover in the garden, although bloom will be limited the first year.

2. Hydrangeas need acidic soil to bloom blue. Elemental sulfur will acidify the soil.

Answered by DSchrock