Better Homes and Gardens Lavender plants at Walmart - How can I determine which KIND of lavender it is when the label only says "LAVENDER"?

Our local Walmart has Better Homes and Gardens plants. They have beautiful lavender plants and on the tag it only says "LAVENDER". It does not tell what kind of lavender. How do I determine which lavender it is? Thanks!

Submitted by enfarmer2869123


I just spoke with the Walmart folks and based on where you live, they are sure the lavender you purchased was a variety called 'Serenity'. Here's a link to it in our Plant Encyclopedia.

Answered by doug.jimerson

By the way, our friends at Walmart what store you purchased your lavender from. Can you let me know? Just repost here with the answer.

Answered by doug.jimerson

Hi, That's an excellent point and one which I'll bring up the next time my staff and I meet with the Walmart team. Now, if it helps, if the lavender you see has notched foliage, it's probably a French type of lavender which isn't reliably winter hardy in your area. If it has foliage with smooth edges it's an English lavender type which will be more hardy. I'm just sorry I can't tell you exactly which variety they are offering in your area.

Answered by doug.jimerson