How do I fix added ground up wood chips to my soil made it very wet?

I’ve used my own compost, fertilizer and mushroom compost. The soil is very rich. No clay. It is all brown and loosely packed. I tilled in a one inch layer of the ground up sweet gum and pine tree stumps. All of my tomato plants died and summer squash is not doing well. I was able to make a ball out of the soil as it was so wet. We had a lot of rain a couple of weeks ago, but it has been 95 degrees every day since. How can I fix this?

Submitted by dadc27

Adding wood chips to the soil can cause a temporary nitrogen deficiency, so it may help to add some nitrogen fertilizer. But mostly it will be a matter of time until the wood chips can decompose. (The nitrogen will help them decompose faster.) It's best not to use uncomposted wood chips in the vegetable garden. But after they've already been added there's not much that can be done to counteract their effects.

Answered by DSchrock