How can I find your Better Homes & Garden Fairglen 3 piece Bistro Sets? Please tell me where I can find them?We have not found any other outdoor furniture that we liked as much as yours and are still hoping to find two of your Fairglen Bistro sets at areasonable in our area for this summer season. Thank you for your help Joanne Yohn .

Submitted by ly02jy

Thanks for your interest in our Fairglen bistro set, which is made for us under license for sale at Walmart. We’re sorry  you are having difficulty finding it—it has been more popular than anticipated and has sold more quickly than expected! We have reached out to our partners at Walmart to check stores around the area you live in to see what they can find. Please let us have your contact information so we can let you know what we find out.
If you prefer you can send that information to our customer service email for Better Homes and Gardens products at Walmart:

We have checked store records and they show that there is a store in Lancaster, about 30 miles from you, that has the sets.  You can call the store below to double check, and if confirmed, pick them up there. As an alternative our Walmart partners can see if it is possible to have them shipped—there may be shipping costs, but let us know what you prefer to do.

tem Nbr   Item Desc 1                   Store Nbr   City   State   Phone Nbr   Street Address   
1691132   BHG 3PC Fairglen  2334   LANCASTER   PA   (717)390-1738   2034 LINCOLN HWY E   5

Answered by DSchrock