Leveling ground under trees

I just moved to a new home. There is a large wooded section of the yard. I just cleared out some small toothpick trees. The ground is full of leaves and deep caverns in the soil. I want to make this area level so it is pleasant to walk through and decrease the danger of a twisted ankle. I am new to landscaping and gardening. I read that dumping soil in the area to fill the holes may damage the trees. What should I do?

Submitted by paydaycary

Hi, You should be able to add soil to fill in those holes and level the area. What you want to avoid is piling a lot of soil over the top of any exposed roots you find or around the base of any mature trees. But leveling between trees would be fine, especially if you're just focusing on getting rid of the ankle-busting holes.

Answered by doug.jimerson