Where are the plans for the composte bin, arbor and planting boxes and chicken coop located?

I'm trying to locate plans that are advertised in DIY, Summer 2011 for a composte bin, arbor, planting boxes and a chicken coop. The website is not available that it tells you to go to. THe artticle is on pg. 44-50.

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If you go to http://www.BHG.com/urbangardenplans a PDF will pop up that contains step-by-step instructions for each of the three DIY projects. The PDF is a long one --- so keep scrolling through it to get to the chicken coop!


Note: You have to be a registered user and logged into the site in order to access these plans.


---Justin, Better Homes and Gardens

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Try this link


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i am looking for the one that I saw online. It is white, the article was about having to live in the city (i think) and not in the country as her husband wanted to because of job. So they built it in their backyard. Talked about using heavy chicken wire to keep out the raccoons. I think the plans were 39.99. Please help if anyone can. Neither of the above answers are what I am looking for. Thanks
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Hi - I was successful (finally) in downloading the plans. Haven't started yet, but plan to do so this winter! You can access the file here: http://www.scribd.com/fullscreen/69476664?access_key=key-yl8w2xy08rbrgzl7dkk
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The link "BHG.com/urbangardens" provided in the DIY Summer 2011 issue takes you to a download link for a pdf file titled "How To: Build a Raised-Bed Garden," as shown on pages 45-47, not the link for the Chicken Coop shown on pages 48-49.
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I cannot find the plans as well-has anyone located them?
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this is not the plan for the chicken coop pictured. where is the plan shown?
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