Not sure what to plant when you have shade part of the day and sun for the rest?

I have 2 areas that are in the shade all morning and in the sun all afternoon should I plant full sun plants? Also is it too late to plant grass seed or should I go with sod?

Submitted by overatacorn1

Full sun is usually defined as an area that receives at least 6 hours of direct sun per day. If your site gets sun from noon onward, it is getting at least that much sun during the summer growing season, so full sun plants should work. You could also choose plants that are suited to part shade.

You don't indicate where you live, but if you plan to seed cool-season lawn grass, such as bluegrass or fescue, late summer or fall is actually the best time to do so. Second best is as early in spring as possible. The longer you delay, the more competition you'll have from weeds and the greater likelihood that you'll have trouble keeping the seed constantly moist until it gets established.

Answered by DSchrock