Trying to find BH&G brand of drought tolerant grass in Ohio?

About 10 years ago, we planted a new lawn with a BH&G brand of grass seed. It is very drought tolerant, withstands heavy foot traffic, and created a thick carpet that chokes out most weeds. All in all, we love it! We want to replant another part of the yard with the same seed, but haven't been able to find the BH&G grass anywhere. Is it still sold? If so, where? If not, do you know what the grass type or mix was composed of?

Submitted by Beaches5

Did you purchase the seed at Walmart? About ten years ago, Walmart carried a line of Better Homes & Gardens branded live goods, which may have included grass seed. That line of goods is no longer sold. (However, we are starting up a new line of herbs and annual flowers with them.)

I don't know the exact mix of the previous line of drought-tolerant grass seed, but a good mix for your area would include a high percentage of creeping red fescue, which has a fine texture and is quite drought tolerant.

Answered by DSchrock