Perennials in half barrels

can perennials be planted in half barrels and live? If so, any suggestions?

Submitted by frann9

Almost any perennial can be grown in a half whiskey barrel. One thing to keep in mind is that plants grown in containers are more exposed during the winter, so that a good rule of thumb to follow is to use only plants hardy to about 2 Zones colder than where you live. Check out the section on container gardening on our website.

Answered by DSchrock
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I have a barrel filled with strawberry plants nest to my porch steps. Not only does it look pretty with the plants growing over the edge but the berries taste great! I live in zone 4 and they have over wintered in my 1/2 barrel for two years now! Enjoy! Karen
Submitted by gardenersnest

You do not need to seal the barrel. I do line mine with landscape fabric and fill the bottom 1/2 with empty plastic plant containers instead of soil to make it lighter & easier to move from one location to another when planting annuals. It is easy to mix annuals & perennials in a barrel & in the fall plant the perennials in the garden.
Submitted by gardenersnest

Do I need to seal a Oak Barrel before I plant?
Submitted by judithconel