How do I 'winterover' container strawberry plants?

I would like to grow strawberries or miniature blueberry plants in containers as shown all over these days. I've never seen what to do with the containers in winter. Do I cover them up, do I need to take the plants out and put them in the ground somewhere, can I just put the container in the garage and will the plants be okay in spring then? I live in Milwaukee,Wi., bordering zones 4 & 5. Would sure appreciate input!

Hi, Well you can do two things. First, you can take the plants out of the pots in the fall and plant them in the garden and mulch them with straw for the winter. Or, if you have a location where you can keep your pot cold, but not frozen, they should be fine. The key is not to place the pot where it will freeze solid. This will kill the plants. You could try an unheated garage if you could insulate the pots in some way to keep them unfrozen.

Answered by doug.jimerson