What shrubs will not break through a PVC plumbing line and stay dark green year round?

The right side of my house has holly bushes that are healthy. The left side currently has nothing because two years ago the shrubs that were there grew roots into the plumbing line and it backed up into my house. The plumbing line runs right under the bed beside the front door. Are there any evergreen plants with a weak root system that would be similar to holly bushes in color?

Submitted by amyrochellebarn

Hollies do not have particularly invasive root systems. I suspect that your invaded the plumbing simply because a crack had developed in the pipes, and the roots took advantage of the constant moisture supply and grew where the moisture was available. Any tree or shrub would do the same thing.

Rhododendrons tend to be shallow rooted, and may be less likely to invade the plumbing, but they would not match the deep green color of hollies.


Answered by DSchrock