Need help landscaping my front yard!

I need help for my front yard. We want to redo it this summer. It is 25'x25' with a red maple in the very middle. We bought a medium size fountain that we would like to add to the yard. I want a flower bed in the front of the yard. My husband wants something on the north side of the yard to stop the wind, snow etc. like shrubs or a moound or something or large rock. the yard faces the east and gets a lot of morning light. Any ideas on what we should do?

Submitted by rsh26

Hi, I'm sorry, but it's virtually impossible to landscape a home via email, especially without photos. I suggest you check out the garden plans we have on this site and/or any of our slideshows that cover this topic. Also, you can often get advice locally from landscapers in your area that might do a site visit and toss out some ideas.

Answered by doug.jimerson