Hexagon porch landscape ideas

Could you suggest some porch landscape ideas? I live in zone 4a, Western Quebec. We have a 2 storey home with a hexagon covered porch which slopes down 4 feet or so to our large flat property. Our house appears very tall compared to the landscape. The very front of the house has mostly shade, not getting any sun until 2 PM. The side of the porch as sun from 12 PM onward.. Any suggestions for shrubs that would accent the porch and balance the landscape? Thank you!

Submitted by karrie60

In order to have an effective landscape plan, it requires a site visit to see the scale of the elements involved and to determine microclimates. However, you may be able to get some ideas by looking at the garden plans on our site, and adapting them to your situation. You can also use the advanced search option of our plant encyclopedia to select shrubs of a particular height hardy in your Zone.

Answered by DSchrock